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October 2015
  • I wrote some tools to enable me to use rsync to maintain this site.  Formerly I used lftp which was tragically, dramatically slow.  I used the new tools to make a bunch of revisions to this site.
March 2015
    There once was a barber named Ware
    Who was sadly allergic to hair.
    When customers called,
    Unless they were bald,
    He would sneeze them right out of the chair.
    --- Ogden Nash

January 2013 August 2012
  • I added some links.

August 2011
  • I put a few new links in my computing links page.  If you want to see them, search on "sed", and you will get the old and new links about "sed".

  • I upgraded to Slackware 13.37.  (Here's a link to the Slackware website.)

  • I've been building a little, on my Curtis Robin.

  • I've even been flying my Wanderer occasionally.

March 2011
  • I've been staying busy, but not by working on this website!  I've posted a few new links and a few new pictures.

  • Here's what I have been doing:

    • I integrated a Linux box into our home entertainment area.  Now we can watch TV, internet movies, or DVDs.

    • I upgraded my rsync-based backup system with some software improvements plus two new, one-terabyte hard drives in USB enclosures.

    • I migrated my daily computing to Slackware 13.1.  I've had it on my box for a long time, but had to work out some details.

    • Another detail was my e-mail software.  I had been using kmail, but it doesn't work well in Slackware 13.1.  So I migrated to Thunderbird (which works great!).

    • I bought an MP3 player and learned how to use it.  I wrote some tools to manage putting songs on it.

    • I downloaded and installed the new Adobe Reader 9.  Ah, progress.  New data formats require new software.  The good news is that it was free!

    • I made some improvements to my Fvwm2 desktop.  Mainly, I made a bunch of new MiniButtons to make it easier to invoke my commonly used apps.

    • I discovered that "links -g" works great in my new Slackware 13.1.  Is this because I'm using a different video driver?

    • I learned how to better use USB sound devices, and I managed to get my old PPA 6channel USB sound adapter to work (after about three years of trying).

July 2010
  • It has been a full year since my last entry.  I made a few revisions to this site in the links area.  Looks like I've also made some revisions to my picture pages.

December 2008
  • I've made a little progress on this website.

  • I've been working on a website that lives on my camera's flash memory stick.  That may sound a bit odd.  It is another of my humble inventions.  It helps me to organize, view and share the pictures that I take..

November 2008
  • OK, the website is shaping up a little.  I've been adding pictures, and there is a page of links.  You may have noticed that this site replaces my previous website.

October 2008
  • Ya, hi.  Joe here.  Hope you like the website.

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