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March 2015
    There once was a barber named Ware
    Who was sadly allergic to hair.
    When customers called,
    Unless they were bald,
    He would sneeze them right out of the chair.
    --- Ogden Nash

January 2013 August 2012
  • I added some links.

December 2011
  • Well, it's that time of the year.  In theory, it is a fun time full of meaning and social activity. I must be a Scrooge.  I would be happier without the stress this season brings.

  • Our son, Bart, passed his California General Electrician Certification test.  Congratualtions to Bart!

August 2011
  • I put a few new links in my computing links page.  If you want to see them, search on "sed", and you will get the old and new links about "sed".

  • I upgraded to Slackware 13.37.  (Here's a link to the Slackware website.)

  • I've been building a little, on my Curtis Robin, and I've been going to meetings of the First Weedwacker Aerosquadron.

  • I've even been flying my Wanderer occasionally.

March 2011
  • I've been staying busy, but not by working on this website!  I've posted a few new links and a few new pictures.

  • Here's what I have been doing:

    • I integrated a Linux box into our home entertainment area.  Now we can watch TV, internet movies, or DVDs.

    • I got Skype working (with video) on my main Linux box and on Debbie's computer.  It's fun.  Part of that was downloading a new Linux Skype release.

    • I upgraded my rsync-based backup system with some software improvements plus two new, one-terabyte hard drives in USB enclosures.

    • I migrated my daily computing to Slackware 13.1.  I've had it on my box for a long time, but had to work out some details.

    • One of those details (see above) was getting a component of my SAM system (called "bree") working.  I did it.

    • Another detail was my e-mail software.  I had been using kmail, but it doesn't work well in Slackware 13.1.  So I migrated to Thunderbird (which works great!).

    • I made improvements to my CD player software (called "Moan").  Moan is included with my SAM.

    • I bought an MP3 player and learned how to use it.  I wrote some tools to manage putting songs on it.

    • I got my personal bookkeeping (checkbook, etc) up to date.

    • I made a "Joe's Boot Disk" (or JBD) that runs as a "live cd" and has on it my bookkeeping tools and data.  I did this so Debbie could do bookkeeping too even without having Linux installed.

    • I downloaded and installed the new Adobe Reader 9.  Ah, progress.  New data formats require new software.  The good news is that it was free!

    • I made some improvements to my Fvwm2 desktop.  Mainly, I made a bunch of new MiniButtons to make it easier to invoke my commonly used apps.

    • I discovered that "links -g" works great in my new Slackware 13.1.  Is this because I'm using a different video driver?

    • I reverted to "classic Yahoo", as it works with the Links browser.

    • I learned how to better use USB sound devices, and I managed to get my old PPA 6channel USB sound adapter to work (after about three years of trying).

July 2010
  • On break again.  It has been a full year since my last entry.  I made a few revisions to this site in the links area.  Looks like I've also made some revisions to my picture pages.

July 2009
  • Hello.  I'm on break again.  I'm still adjusting to the new on-break schedule.  Also I'm resting a bit after (finally) getting the new Perry web site on-line (I'm webmaster for Perry Elementary School again).  I'll report back with news about how my break is going.  Today is the first day of my first of six weeks off.

  • Here's a link to the Perry web site:

May 2009
  • Howdy.  I've been resting, because I've been on a four-week break from work.  That's because I work for a year-round school.  I've also been working on my three websites and, especially, I've been working on the software methods that I use to make and maintain them.

  • It was a good break.  I spent some time in a nearby park almost every week-day morning:  I walked or swung.  I also spent some time doing home bookkeeping and cleaning my office.

  • I will have to schedule some garage door work.  Hmmm, I go back to work on Monday.  The weather is nice out, so I don't have any good excuses.   I'll pick a Saturday and do it.  It will be fun!.

  • Our son, Bart, is recovering from his mishap in a mosh pit.  Ouch.

December 2008
  • I've made a little progress on this website.  I also made a website for the string quartet to which I (humbly) belong  You can see the quartet web site at

  • I've been working on a website that lives on my camera's flash memory stick.  That may sound a bit odd.  It is another of my humble inventions.  It helps me to organize, view and share the pictures that I take.  I need to write about it on my http://rosevearsoftware.com website.

  • I have not made any progress on painting the house or repairing the garage door lately.

November 2008
  • OK, the website is shaping up a little.  I've been adding pictures, and there is a page of links.  You may have noticed that this site replaces my previous website which for now is still available at

October 2008
  • Ya, hi.  Joe here.  Hope you like the website.

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